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 Being Bronze (Open)
 Posted: Apr 8 2018, 10:33 PM

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T'bas wanted to talk to a bronzerider - but as yet there had been no time. Since the Hatching, he had had no time to do anything but tend to Axenusth.

Baby dragons were a full time job and an exercise in sleep deprivation. Right now, he had found his way to the training room while the bronze slept and was going through some exercises.

Not that he needed the exercise, per se. It was more a series of stretches he was performing, to try and get himself loosened up.

Axenusth was...a revelation. The bulky bronzeling was already growing rapidly and he was, yes, the other half of T'bas' soul, the thing he was not sure how he had ever managed without.

But he was also a bronze dragon - and to the smith, who had been hoping for a blue or green so he could just be an ordinary wingrider...

"Grah," he said, finally, stopping. "Dragons. Do they always mess up our lives?"

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