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Feb 27 2018, 08:28 PM
The merchant nodded at the young weyrling, glad she liked the manoueveres they had performed. Once she inquired if they should go outside, Kiraya nodded in agreement. "Yeah, we should go. We gotta need some fresh air, and we can't stay here forever." She answered, with a small chuckle to herself. She then walked out of the room, of course looking back to wait for We'nell and the two dragons to follow.

Eusabvieth shook his head rapidly, his eyes almost cross-eyed as he looked at his nose. Oww... oww... He mumbled to himself, before smiling over to Veroschkath with an awkward smile. Haha, don't worry about me. Kiraya always goes to the infirmary to heal any of my wounds, so I just have to deal with it over time... He said softly, following the two riders out of the Training Room, walking with Vero.

Once outside the Training Arenas, Kiraya twirled around to feel the breeze. "Finally outside of the arena! This spot seems to be a good area to race." She commented, grinning at We'nell. A gasp suddenly wafts from her lips when she saw how anxious Eusabvieth was about his swollen nose. She ran up to the white pearl dragon, observing his mighty nose to see if there were any serious damages from the fall earlier. "Damn, Eusab, that was a fall, huh... She sighed, kissing his nose in the process. We're heading to the infirmary after the race, so don't worry about a thing." Eusabvieth knew it wasn't really that serious, just a bit swollen, but he nodded at his rider. He didn't want to get in the way of her concern.

Kiraya then turned back to We'nell and smiled. "So," She began, walking next to the other weyrling, observing the few distances where they could consider a finish line. "how do we start the race?"

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Feb 27 2018, 07:57 PM
Gaivath waited outside of the room where her rider is searching, looking around anxiously for any signs of danger or other presence. The sky was beginning to get dark, the dragon noticed. She whipped her head back to Lailie, who was still searching for the pendant she had lost. Lailie, how much longer? The sky is beginning to grow dark. She asked the rider in a calm demeanor, though deep inside she was starting to worry. What if something bad happens to them? She recieved no response from Lailie, who was beginning to rummage through the chests of the first room.

She was about to say something again when a dragon's voice she had not heard of from in a long time filled her ears. Gaivath turned her head, a sudden and relieved smile creeping up her face once she saw who had called her. Mallitorioth! Ariaceli! It is good to see both of you! Mallitorioth and her rider Ariaceli emerged from the shadows, landing on the platform of the tower. Ariaceli jumped down from Mallitorioth's back proceeded to make her way towarda Gaivath. She was sent a friendly wave from the weyrwoman, with the dragon nodding back at her. Ariaceli was about to ask where Lailie was, but stopped when she had found her question answered when she saw Lailie in the room.

Gaivath watched Ariaceli go to her sister before walking up to the younger gold dragon. I am well, Mallitorioth. Thank you for your concern. Turning back to the two sisters who are about to reunite, she chuckled to herself. Yes, I can see Ariaceli's excitement to see her sister yet again. Lailie wishes to see her, too, but it is understandable that both of our riders are busy. She turned back to Mal with a smile. It would be interesting to see them grow much closer than before.

Lailie, meanwhile, didn't care if dust had covered her pants. She just has to find that pendant. Rummaging through the old sacks covered in the chests, and occasionally waving her hand in the air to prevent dust from entering her nose, the wingrider busied herself with searching for that said pendant that she didn't even hear the new arrivals outside. After a few more hectic minutes of searching and rummaging through stupid chests, a shining gold buried deep beneath those sacks caught her eye. Picking it up, a large grin spread across her face once she saw what it was.

"The pendant! Yes!" She yelled triumphantly to herself, standing up from the crouching position a while earlier. Lailie had finally remembered leaving the pendant here and burying it in one of the sacks for safety. Wasting a night just to find this when I already knew where I had put it... how dumb of me! Dusting herself from all the dirt she had gotten into and wiping the pendant with a clean towel she had brought with her, she was about to exit when a familiar woman came into view. "Ariaceli! My sister!" Wiping her hands with the towel first, she pulled her younger sister into a big hug. She hadn't seen Ariaceli in years, and even if she did see her, she was equally busy like herself. She let go of the hug and chuckled nervously, looking around her own appearance. "Haha, sorry if I look like a mess... I was searching for this pendant... oh! By the way..."

Opening the pendant's lock and putting it on her sister's neck, she smiled softly at Ariaceli. "I just wanted to give that to you. It's sort of like... a retrubution for not being close to you ever since we were young." She explained, nodding to herself and to Ariaceli. It fit her neck perfectly, she noted.

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Feb 27 2018, 08:20 AM
The young man could only blink, but seeing that the other was fine, he simply nodded to himself in satisfaction. "Ahaha... well, I'm glad you're alright." He stated with a smile. He then walked up to a rack filled with archer's bows and arrows. Picking one of those and swinging the arrow case around his back, he walked up next to the man and aimed at one of the bullseyes nearby. "Well, I came here for archery, so technically I'm joining you in training."

While firing the first arrow at the bullseye and notching a second arrow, his thoughts turned to Daegnyth. Something about what this man said a while ago seemed to bother him. Yes, indeed, the dragons have gotten quite bigger and would most likely need to be trained for preparation for threadfall. While he does think that Dae would grow much larger over time, he still knows Dae's squat figure will make him seem like he still remains small as he grows.

Well, Dae has courage. Eijo'vikos thought as he fired yet the second arrow, hitting the yellow circle outlining the smaller red in the bullseye. He wouldn't give up so easily despite his small figure. He's strong.

Meanwhile, the blue dragon was already seated next to the black pearl dragon Eustoliath. He turned to her with a small smile on his face. Say, Eustoliath, how have you been? He asked to begin the conversation. And your rider. Is he doing well?

Feb 27 2018, 08:03 AM
Kiraya downed a small amount of wine as she listened to A'ron ramble about. Well, if he didn't want to share his problems to others, that's his decision. She was jusy trying to help. Not that she was forcing him to tell her, though... she knew it wasn't easy to just tell somebody of something that really bothered them over time. "Heh, well, I can't force you to tell me, though. It's your choice." She simply stated, downing the full glass of wine.

His next statement made her turn to him with a sincere smile on her face. Walls instead of wounds... she should say it was a poetic thing to say. She nodded and raised her cup back at him. "Don't worry. Everything is possible in the end." She told him, though she wasn't really sure if that was the correct term. The merchant chuckled to herself. Was she getting drunk? "Actually, no... I was meaning to say you can do it. Don't worry about a thing."

Eusabvieth, meanwhile, unlike his master, was starting to have an unpleasant conversation with the bronze dragon. Bronze dragons get this angry when Golds are being insulted, huh... the pearl dragon couldn't say anything for a minute as he stared back at Tymareth fearfully. He was pretty sure he was going to die in the hands of the great dragon himself when his rider, A'ron, appeared and scolded the bronze. Once the dragon exited, the pearl sighed in relief.

Hearing the male rider's advice about talking to bronzes about golds, he saw Kiraya glance over at him wih a raised eyebrow. You heard him. She told him before pouring herself the third glass of wine she had today.

Eusabvieth pouted at his rider before nodding back. ...Right. He mumbled to himself in agreement. Well, he didn't want to get into any trouble anymore just because he seemed to talk sh*t about gold dragons.

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Feb 27 2018, 07:39 AM
The other healer simply nodded at the other healer's answer. He turned to Vatoz direction as the other healer grabbed a tint from the cabinets. When asked if he could work on the mortar and pestle, he nodded once again. "Of course," He replied, before going over to the table to grab the said equipment. "What do you want me to grind?"

Tomorrow could work for him too. Exploring with someone who knew their way around here would be easier. What time is it, Daegnyth? He asked the dragon napping outside, who immediately perked his head up to see the clouds. Dae then turned to his master with a tired smile. It's getting dark out there, master. Exploring the second infirmary tomorrow is a great idea.

Giving a nod and thanking the dragon, he turned to Vatoz. "Yeah, that'll work just fine for me." He answered, before focusing on the candidates. The sooner they hand over the salve, the better. They can't risk the cause of infection.

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