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Jun 10 2018, 09:32 PM
Convention/vacation June 11 through June 18. Posting unlikely.
Jun 1 2018, 10:53 PM
G'kel was frustrated.

Honestly, he had known that he would likely awaken, if he ever did, to a mess. But not to this degree of a mess.

The weyrlings gave hope. And they only had to protect what was left and then expand as the population did.

They would retake Pern. But it should never have got to the point where Pern had to be lost in the first place.

"Shard it," the bluerider swore, reaching for his hip flask. He knew he shouldn't, he knew he had a problem, but shard it he didn't have to fly Thread today.

Ignoring his dragon's faint grumbles, he took a generous swig. The alcohol was how he coped. What else it might be doing to him, he was vaguely aware of but to be honest?

He needed to cope.

Whatever the cost.
Jun 1 2018, 10:50 PM
K'etha had expected to Impress a green, but not quite the green she had Impressed.

And Weyrlinghood was every bit as exhausting as she had been warned...and then some. She made her way into one of the bathing chambers and stripped down without any regard for whether anyone would see her, sliding into the water. There was space for others here, but that too she wasn't really noticing.


That was so much better. The riders got to have hot tubs, but they needed them. Or at least the weyrlings did. The complex had been well-designed to handle all of this.

And when she...well.

When she fought Thread, she would definitely need and appreciate these little luxuries. For now, she floated in the water, oblivious to the fact that she was no longer alone.
Jun 1 2018, 10:47 PM
T'bas made his way into the kitchen. He was starting to get used to his new name, to the other presence in his mind, and to the idea that he was now a bronzerider.


He had thought blue would be the best and not even wanted higher, but as the frozen said? The dragons knew best.

T'bas had not been raised to trust them to that degree. When Axenusth was awake, of course, he found it hard to question his bronze's judgment.

Right now, though, the young dragon snoozed in their quarters, he could almost see the way the bronze was coiled in his mind. Almost feel it.

It took practice not to have one's dragon leak into one's thoughts. Pouring himself a mug of klah to shake the sleepiness that he knew was not his own, he settled down at a table.

He would have to get back to training soon enough, but for now he had a respite...and he was making the most of it.
Apr 10 2018, 10:51 PM
For once, G'Kel was quite sober. The recent Hatching had actually made him feel a little bit better.

True, the hatchlings were unusual, but they were healthy, there were a good number of them, and despite their lack of preparation, the weyrlings seemed to be doing well.

The lack of preparation was unavoidable. None of them had anticipated that Pern would have forgotten so much about dragons. The youngsters hadn't known anything, and they'd been so short handed that...

They were still short handed.

"We should do sweeps. Look for survivors."

Pern was devastated, but people were tough. He glanced at his dragon, then up at the sky.

Looking towards where the Red Star was, more or less, although there was too much daylight to see it.

He wished they could burn it, and all Thread, to a crisp...
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