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 Looking Out To Sea (Open)
 Posted: Jun 1 2018, 10:53 PM

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G'kel was frustrated.

Honestly, he had known that he would likely awaken, if he ever did, to a mess. But not to this degree of a mess.

The weyrlings gave hope. And they only had to protect what was left and then expand as the population did.

They would retake Pern. But it should never have got to the point where Pern had to be lost in the first place.

"Shard it," the bluerider swore, reaching for his hip flask. He knew he shouldn't, he knew he had a problem, but shard it he didn't have to fly Thread today.

Ignoring his dragon's faint grumbles, he took a generous swig. The alcohol was how he coped. What else it might be doing to him, he was vaguely aware of but to be honest?

He needed to cope.

Whatever the cost.

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