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 Sober, For Once (Open)
 Posted: Apr 10 2018, 10:51 PM

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For once, G'Kel was quite sober. The recent Hatching had actually made him feel a little bit better.

True, the hatchlings were unusual, but they were healthy, there were a good number of them, and despite their lack of preparation, the weyrlings seemed to be doing well.

The lack of preparation was unavoidable. None of them had anticipated that Pern would have forgotten so much about dragons. The youngsters hadn't known anything, and they'd been so short handed that...

They were still short handed.

"We should do sweeps. Look for survivors."

Pern was devastated, but people were tough. He glanced at his dragon, then up at the sky.

Looking towards where the Red Star was, more or less, although there was too much daylight to see it.

He wished they could burn it, and all Thread, to a crisp...

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