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 Rising Concerns, (continued from previous site)
 Posted: Mar 3 2018, 09:30 PM

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(Continued from here)

Tag:Cyerene, Ariaceli

V'nin fixed the blue rider with a pointed gaze before relaxing. "I wouldn't call it 'miraculous'...though I will admit that there was some concern on swhether the pods would work like those on the 'Sisters' or if we all would have slipped quietly between as we timed it direct." He sighed silently and forced himself to think on something else, as well as change the topic a bit.

Thankfully, the unexpected but rather timely arrival of Ariaceli helped in that regard. A smile remade itself on his face at the sight of the Senior Weyrwoman, though he would almost always have a smile available for a fellow rider. He couldn't help a soft chuckle at the poor woman's plight. "If it's from who I think it is, I can sympathize wholeheartedly. As for supplies I need... He thought for a moment before shaking his head. "Unless there's a hidden Weyr out there, then what's on the list is what I need....except I..well, we, need fresh klah. And I do mean fresh. He got up and quickly fixed Celi a mug of the aforementioned drink while motioning her to take his spot. "Because while the stuff we currently have in storage is decent, it just doesn't feel strong enough." He slid the warm mug into the woman's hands. " As for Aivas...that's Weyrwoman's prerogative..." He motioned toward her. "...though I am curious as to what you want to ask ." He said as he leaned back against the counter, taking a sip from his own mug, an inquisitive look in his amber eyes.

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